Switchbacks Stadium

Switchbacks Stadium is fast becoming a staple of the downtown skyline, and a touchpoint for Colorado Springs activity. The Switchbacks Stadium project presented a unique challenge for Creative Consortium: a larger-than-life canvas on which to tastefully display a number of brands with coherence and energy.

At the corners of the pitch, we installed brand-forward, large-scale environmental graphics to celebrate the contributions of one of the major sponsors. Visible from all vantage points of the stadium, yet not overwhelming in the color or situation, these graphics are situated as a foundational element of the branding and sports energy of the stadium.

Throughout the stadium are outlets of the best of Colorado craft drinks and food. We created immersive installations for our friends at 291 Distillery, Bristol Brewing, and White Claw to give each of them a weighty presence on the concourse. More than temporary kiosks, these venues needed signage and environmental installations that share their sense of permanence and commitment to the Switchbacks experience.

"We love having the Switchbacks as neighbors in our downtown setting.
We are honored to be a part of creating their visual environment, and are excited to be fans."

- Sam Teeters